Wild and Wonderful

As soon as five o’clock rolled around Friday afternoon/evening I was in my car zoomin’ home. We had big, big weekend plans and I absolutely could not wait to get them started. Although we hit a few bumpy patches along the way (aka the HunterBud continuing to act like a beaver) after the traffic died down — we were road trip bound.

My family has a house up in West Virginia. My dad’s dad built the house with his own hands back in the 60s on close to 400 acres. Over the past few years we’ve had a large portion of the property developed and now there are a few other houses residing with ours. We try to get up there as much as we can, but with every one’s busy schedules we don’t get up there often enough.

Friday night we dropped the pup off with my mom and headed up by ourselves. As much as we love Hunter, it was a nice mini-vacation to be without him for a night. My mom came up Saturday morning with the doggies and we really got our weekend started! We made a quick stop in town to grab some food and people watch at the local WalMart. The weather was ridiculously hot and humid and too brutal to take our normal hike through the mountains. In the afternoon we had some guests and had a great time laughing the night away. First we got some projects taken care of, then we had a few drinks! Alex also snooped through the house and found some really cool stuff. Among other things, he found weather journals dating back to the 70s, old fire-safe boxes, slides of my granddad building the house, and old letters/pictures from previous boyfriends. — Slightly embarrassing!

Alex, Joe, and JoeJoe took turns trying to shoot pesky groundhogs, we made an awesome BBQ chicken dinner, and enjoyed a night bonfire! We really had such a nice time — well that is until I woke up with a splitting headache rudely reminding me of the night before. Sunday morning we took a nice long walk before we headed home. Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Setting up!

The lovely abode

Playing with my new toy!

Laughin' it up!

Getting pumped up for my swim


Dirty Blondie

Enjoying the bonfire

Hey Momma

Wild 'n Wonderful!


One thought on “Wild and Wonderful

  1. And a fun time was had by all. Pulled two ticks off the edges of Blondie’s eyes this morning. Be on the alert!

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