Every morning I feel it’s my responsibility to check CNN. I haven’t always been this way, but now as a working woman who is restricted to reading only certain websites at work — CNN is my top choice. I’ve been finding cool articles over the past few weeks and have been known to send them to my mom all day long. When I ask her, "did you read my article on childhood songs with weird/unknown second versus" she often responds by saying, "No, Michelle. I have to do other things with my day besides reading the articles you send me." How sweet.

As soon as I pulled up my morning guilty pleasure, I was captivated. Yep — it’s that time of year– Time’s 100 Most Influential People (in partner with CNN of course). Yessss.. I will be occupied for the remainder of the day. Here are some highlights by category:





Here is where you can find the complete list! Enjoy being distracted for the rest of the morning.

Moving on — let’s start with what I did last night and then move on to moves (aka work outs). Yesterday afternoon I was feeling particularly happy and decided to join my normal Wednesday/half price wine night crew. We got a free bottle of wine from the owner to taste! It was delicious — and who doesn’t love wine, especially free wine! We watched the Caps game and cried when they lost (slash Alex cheered). We snacked on some appetizers split between the table and a yummy southwestern chicken wrap.

Here’s a breakdown of the exercises I’ve done yesterday and today:
Wednesday, 4/28 (day off weights):

  • 45 minutes on the Crosstrainer
  • Abs (lots of planks, crunches – reverse, reg, oblique, bicycles, ball holds, hip extensions… and more I just can’t remember sorry!)
  • Back exercises from PT

Thursday, 4/29:

  • 3 mile run + warm up and cool down
  • ARMS! (chest press, shoulder press, seated row, arm extension, and arm curl)
  • A nice long cool down stretch šŸ™‚

Today I bumped up all my weights so I’m really feeling the work out. Also– I’ve been reading a large number of healthy lifestyle blogs that have a main focus on exercise. Most of the blogs have a separate tab specifically for work outs. I’ve decided that I’ll be adding a new tab for work outs to keep track of myself. This way I can look back and check my progress. Sooo look for that in the near future. Additionally, I’m going to be coming up with goals for each month. Since May is coming up rapidly, expect to see those too!
WooHoo for tomorrow being FRIDAY!!


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