Chew Toys and Chewing Out

Last night it took me zero time to get home. I openly praised the traffic gods for sparing me the frustration that comes from being parked when I should be zipping along. I took it as a wonderful Monday gift and I consciously decided that my entire week would be pain and annoyance free. Clearly I spoke too soon.

Once I got home, I ignored my foot pain from my ever-growing blisters and skipped up to the apartment. I also ignored the distant sounds of thunder and the threatening skies. I kept my happy thoughts secure all the way until I opened the door and was greeted by a happy, tail waggin’ pup. Now you may be wondering why on earth this would damper my smiles — well just hold your hiney because I’m getting there!

Apparently the HunterBud decided that either:

  • His toys weren’t hard enough
  • His toys didn’t taste good enough
  • He was mad at us for having jobs
  • And/or he just got really bored

In his smart little puppy brain he came up with a “suitable alternative” to the 100s of chew toys he already has. His decision was to chew up the wall instead. Isn’t he such a sweet dog? Now we have a gaping hole where there used to be plaster and paint. He thought that Alex and I really needed a weekend project and took the initiative to provide us with one. How nice!

After I broke the fantastic news to the man, I had some time before he got home. I decided to catch up with my blog reading. Since I started working I’ve been slacking in the whole blog world. Not only are my posts word-based rather than pretty picture-based, but more importantly I haven’t been checking in and getting new ideas from my favorite circle of blogs. Since I had a few minutes — it was stalking time!

I’ve talked about Julie from PB Fingers before. She was one of the first blogs I started reading and was a main inspiration for not only my blog, but my fitness and health goals. After following her for awhile, I found the motivation needed in myself and altered my lifestyle. That’s why I was excited when I had a few minutes yesterday to see what she’s been up to. After reading for a bit, I was shocked when I saw a particularly nasty and accusatory comment replying to one of her posts. I won’t go into specific details about what the comment said — but I wanted to respond to it.

One thing I really like about Julie’s philosophy on healthy eating and fitness is that she would never deprive herself of something she wanted. If she wants chocolate or pizza — she’ll eat it. I believe that’s the key! The more you tell yourself “bagels (cheese, butter — whatever your weakness is) are off limits — the more you’ll indulge in other things to substitute for what you really want. Not only did this commenter bash a healthy eating philosophy that work for so many people, but she furthered the stereotype. So many people believe that the only way to get/stay thin or fit is by starving yourself. I was literally sickened to see someone seek out a healthy lifestyle blog and disparage it. A big happy birthday to Julie and I hope you’ve already brushed the absolute rudeness off!

Moving on — this morning I started the day off with a 25 minute interval run followed by abs (crunches (reg, reverse, obliques), planks, stability ball), lower back exercises from PT, and legs (press, extension, curl, inner and outer thighs). I enjoyed my breakfast of cinnamon oatmeal mixed with a banana and almond butter with flax seed during the beginning of class. So far — class has been going pretty smoothly — ONE MORE HOUR TO GO! We’re getting closer to the end of six weeks (training) and getting closer to moving up on the floor, getting my desk, and being shackled to the phone all day! Yay!

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