Back to the Grind

As with most weekend — I was a little MIA for the past few days. Although I may not have had the most riveting weekend, it was really nice to relax for a bit and get some things taken care of.

Before I jump right into the weekend I realize I didn’t post anything towards to end of last week. Thursday and Friday I continued with my early morning work out schedule. Thursday I did a half hour on the crosstrainer followed by arms and abs. On Friday I started the morning off with a 2.5 mile run and a legs and back work out. I was pretty tired by the end of both days and may have been seen dozing on the couch before bed.

On Thursday Alex picked up Avatar. Neither of us got to see it while it was in theatres…. Well — at first we really weren’t interested in seeing it at all and once we heard the ridiculous raves about it — it was too late. Since it was pretty long (and I was reeeally tired) we split the movie up over two nights. We both really liked it! I thought it was even cooler than the most bizarre dream and am looking forward to watching it again (soon).

Saturday we spent the morning running errands. We dropped off Alex’s new truck to get a couple things looked at (aka Toyota recalls) and browsed our favorite grocery stores. The forecast was calling for rain the whole weekend and we unfortunately changed our original plans. Looking back, we shouldn’t have! The rain really didn’t affect us until Sunday afternoon — I’m definitely bummed we didn’t go out of town (or go hiking) like we planned.

On Sunday we had some serious spring cleaning. We tend to keep our apartment pretty clean, but we really wanted to give it a good scrub down. We dusted, vacuumed, washed, scrubbed, etc etc EVERYTHING. We pulled out the fridge, washer, and dryer — and found nastiness behind them. It was pretty gross (and my pretty gross, I mean it was disgusting). We also bought another membership to a different bulk food store this weekend — mainly because the sell our exact coffee in a huge, huge bag. After our very tiring day of scrubbing we crashed on the couch and watched a couple episodes of Lost. (for any Lost fans — we just started season 4 — and it’s slightly creeping me out)

Now we’re on to Monday…. I started the day with 40 minutes on the Crosstrainer followed by my wonderful arms work out (chest press, shoulder press, seated rows, biceps, triceps, and lat pull downs). I’m a little slower than normal today — my mood’s matching the gray, rainy day.



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