Working Alliances and Walls

For some unknown reason I always imaged that after high school and even college — "clicks" and stereotypes would magically diminish. I’ve always aimed to have an assortment of friends and avoid being placed into one group or another. Over the past week I’ve been literally shocked to realize that the "cool kids" and the "everyone else" groups further separate themselves as you get older. What’s with that? Aren’t we old enough to realize that picking sides isn’t "work appropriate?" As everyone funnels back into the room with their post-lunch slump, the eye rolls and the "she’s so annoying" and the "did you see they didn’t eat anything for lunch!" and the "I can’t believe they’re friends" under people’s breath — can only last soooo long. Right??

Anyways — yesterday started off with a nice morning work out consisting of:

  • 10 minutes on the Crosstrainer
  • 2 mile run
  • 10 minutes on the upright bike
  • Abs

It was also Alex’s sister’s birthday yesterday and we enjoyed their company while devouring Red Lobster. I was super tired last night and went to bed shortly after we got home and packed up my stuff for today. This morning I wasn’t completely refreshed and wasn’t thrilled to get out of my warm bed at 5 am. Once I got to the gym however, my sleepy resistance quickly faded. Today’s workout was mainly cardio..

  • 20 minutes high intensity Crosstrainer
  • 25 minutes of interval running
  • Abs
  • Back

Today I bumped up my interval running. I added additional mph to almost every interval and changed up the end. I ended with 5 1-min sprints at 10mph alternating with 45 second walking at 4mph. Wow! Talk about tired and sweaty!! My energy level immediately shot through the roof — but as the day has passed, I’ve been steadily creeping towards the wall I’m about to hit.

I have some pictures I’ll try to post tonight! Besides that — I’m looking forward to relaxing!


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