Weekend Wonders

Apparently when I told you yesterday that “we didn’t have many plans for the weekend” that actually meant “we’re going to be extremely busy and not have much down time.” Duh. Not only have we been big bumble bees buzzing (I thoroughly love alliteration), we have had a wonderful time.

Saturday morning we slept in until 8 and then had a yummy breakfast together. After we got our lazy-act together we headed out the door to Woodbridge, VA. We were there to “look” at a new truck (for the mister). Six hours later we were transferring our belongings from old truck to new. Yes — that’s correct, Alex bought a new truck this weekend. Neither of us have wanted to get out of it and we’ve spent the rest of the weekend merely sitting inside of it (not really).

After truck shopping it was only fair that we went clothes shopping! We headed to the outlets and rummaged through Banana Republic before making the hike home. We finally saved our dog from incontinence and realized our rumbling tummies. I really didn’t have the patience to whip up a gourmet meal and decided to celebrate the evening with a yuuuummy lobster and brie grilled cheese from Victoria’s Gastro. We “tried” to watch a movie but turned it off after 45 minutes since we were both exhausted.

Today has been even crazier than yesterday! We got up around 7, had a quick breakfast and shower, and headed to a nearby state park. We hiked for an hour and half. I had such a great time! It was so nice to be outside and enjoying the crisp air after being cooped up inside all week. Hunter tried out his new backpack for the first time. He was definitely a trooper but I’m not sure he was in love with it. We took a nice little drive and the remainder of the afternoon has been filled with errands. We’ve been to the mall, Target, and numerous gas stations (my car may or may not have also run out of gas). I’ve prepared a crock pot dinner tonight of Lemon, Garlic Chicken. I’ll post the recipe after we try it and make the verdict!

The rest of the evening appears to consist of laundry, Alex playing with his new giant toy, helping Alex’s sister and brother in-law move, dinner, and relaxing. I’m definitely looking forward to some relaxation (and maybe a glass of wine — who knows!)

Here’s some pictures from today’s adventure

Happy Pup

Hike Hikin'

Crazy Tree

Cute, Cute, Cute

It was cold this morning, don't judge me


Driving home

"That was fun!"


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