Closings and Clothes

Today I decided to wear a brand new shirt I bought a few weeks ago. After much deliberation, I finally decided I thought the shirt was reeeeally cool and not tacky. I bought the shirt at Martin and Osa (hereby known as M+O) the day after I got my job offer and knew I would need a large, large load of work clothes. Over the past couple years I have fallen in lust with M+O. Almost every pair of jeans I own and at least 1/3 of my shirts are from this wonderful, beautiful store.

This morning I headed to the gym at work for the first time (you’ll see why this is important in a second). After my work out, I got changed and ready for work in a flash. While I was still in the locker room I got 4 compliments on my new shirt. As a proud new shirt owner, I instantaneously told the locker room where it was from and that it was on sale (assuming everyone would run out on their lunch break to buy it in every color). The response that I received was an immediate shock that left me sitting on the bench with tears glistening in my eyes. Normally no one has heard of M+O, so the response was even more frightening.

This is what I heard:

“One of my best friends loves M+O and she was sooo upset when she found out they were closing!”


I assumed my new locker-room nemesis was lying to me because she wanted all the M+O clothes to be hers alone. As soon as I left the gym I broke out into a mad dash to get to my desk to google this new development. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my new friend’s sake) the information was accurate. I sat at my desk stunned into silence for the first 45 minutes of the day. To make matters even worse, my shirt compliments have continued all day. Every time I hear, “I LOVE you’re shirt,” I break down crying hysterically (this may, or may not be accurate). My weekend plans have now been altered. Instead of relaxing, playing with the pup, enjoying friends’ company — I will be hunting down every M+O store in the tri-state area — buying out the whole stock (also may, or may not be true).

Anyways — work is zip-zooming by as the thought of afternoon margaritas and Jergin’s self-tanning lotion consume my mind. Tonight a group of us are going to a really special restaurant/bar. It has such a significance that I plan to celebrate it by toasting (a few times) to the occasion and dancing my hiney off. (note: if you are thinking that my evening drinks are not “celebration drinks” but really “sad-my-favorite-store-is-closing-drinks” I wouldn’t be offended)
Have a grrrrreeeeeaaaat Friday and enjoy the sunshine!!!! (and get to M+O immediately)


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