Pouting and Spring Pictures

In my world April 1st usually passes without a single prank. Last night I was officially “April Fools-ed” for the first time. Can you believe I managed to get through 21 other April 1sts without a single “punked” moment? Me either. Here’s the story:

Last night Alex got off work really late, which over the last many, many months has been quite a common occurrence. I was already asleep when I got the infamous “just got off work, on my way to the hotel, call you soon babe” text. In my sleepy wishful state I replied, “okay, are you home yet?” (knowing full-well that he isn’t coming home till Saturday morning). He replies — “come to the door.” I SHOT OUT OF BED QUICKER THAN YOU CAN SAY QUICK. I flipped on the light and ran to the door. I made it over halfway there before he replies “April fools.” I proceeded to pout for the rest of the night. It was anything but funny and I’m still very unhappy about the whole thing.

On to a new topic: My mini drama still has not resolved itself. I thought after this morning everything would be fine and dandy, but again I was wrong. Apparently I’m missing paperwork I desperately need in order to start work on Monday, aaaaaand (drum roll) I was not aware of this until today, aaaaaand today is a holiday meaning the office is closed. Hmm. I don’t know how this is going to pan out, and you can bet your hiney I’m pouting about this too. (if you don’t know me — pouting is my expression of choice)

* Tangent — When I was a child my parents said I was the easiest kid to discipline. You never had to yell at me, ever. All you had to do was look at me with a slightly mean/unhappy look and I would burst into tears. Even as a baby, I had “the pout” down. If I’m unhappy — you will know it. All you have to do is look at my face. If my brow is furrowed and my bottom lip is popped out – you did something wrong, and should apologize immediately. 🙂

In order in smooth out my semi-permanent pout wrinkles, I decided to get my butt outside and enjoy the beautiful pollen spring day (while I still can).  Here are some shots I took along the way (in a fancy-pantsy slideshow):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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