Short, but Not Sweet

Sorry I’ve been slightly MIA today. It’s been a hectic, run-around kind of day. I had some errands to do and then, of course, some unexpected mini-drama I had to take care of. Annnnd now to top it off — I’m hit with another wonderful spring-induced miserable headache and will therefore zoom you through my day. But on the bright side – all things considered, it was a pretty good day filled with beautiful weather and awkward goodbyes (I’ll get to that later).

My day started off with yummy chocolatey oatmeal. Yep, you heard me. Who says you can’t have chocolate in the morning? I filled my bowl o’ oats with a small scope of Nutella, Peanut Wonder, and a smooshed up banana. Mmmm, Mmmm good! After my digestion kicked into gear I headed out for a run with the pooch. We ran 2.5 miles today. I finished up with 30 Day Shred, 25 minutes of Yoga on the WiiFit, and some stretching. I was definitely pooped after I finished.

Lunch was filled with a pulled BBQ chicken sandwich, an apple (with caramel sauce), and a clementine. I had my mini-drama, went to babysit — for the last time, had a few awkward goodbyes (“you-all-were-great-and-adorable (except when you were screaming at the top of your lungs)-and-now-I’ll-probably-never-see-you-again-bye.”), and came home.

I had a salmon burger and veggies for dinner and have great plans for dessert (frozen yogurt). I’m looking forward to going out to the bar relaxing for the rest of the night. Maybe watch some TV, maybe take a bath, maybe even read my book. Who knows, I may go crazy and even read some blogs. All I know, is that Advil is definitely involved.

This is me right now —

Ouch Ouch Ouch

This is a lame post and I know it. Forgive me please.. and enjoy this while you try to pretend to be upset with me. (It’s the perfect way to put a smile on an otherwise grumpy face)



2 thoughts on “Short, but Not Sweet

  1. That dog kinda looks like you when you have a headache. . . couldn’t watch the video for some reason. maybe you could just link to the youtube version.

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