Wet Dogs Stay Outside

Spring is finally back. It’s been raining since Saturday? Friday? Sunday? I can’t even remember at this point. But today! Today is a perfect, warm, sunny, gorgeous day. The birds are chirp-chirpin’ and the wind chime’s are a-ringing. Beautiful day!

This morning I took Hunter for a 3 mile run. It was such nice weather I really wanted to keep going, but my legs were pretty tired from yesterday. I was really excited how much easier a long, steady pace was after running intervals for the majority of the past week. Although my mind wanted to keep pushing my body, my legs were constantly reminding me not to overdo it. After 3 miles, we slowed to a walk and stopped at the stream. Hunter got a nice gulp of water and decided he wanted to take a dip. He swam around for a few minutes before we continued on our cool down.

Let me remind you that 1. today is gorgeous and 2. it’s been raining for some time now. With that in mind, it’s easy to imagine the left over puddles just chillin’ along our running path. Wet dog + Mud Puddles = Big, Big Mess. I ended up hosing Hunter down at our apartment’s car wash station to get rid of the mud. I figured a wet, semi-clean dog was better than a wet, nasty-dirty dog.

Fishing for ice cubes

Wet Puppy

Let me in, I promise I'll be good!

And finally — a dry and very sleepy pup!

Resting for tomorrow's run

Today and tomorrow are my last days of babysitting before I plunge head first into the real work force. I should be savoring these last few days of post-graduation freedom, but instead I find myself constantly looking forward. In my head I replay Alex getting home this weekend, a date night, and then finally — work bright and early on Monday morning. It can’t be that bad, right? Working all week must have some benefits too, right? Well — keep your thoughts to yourself because I am excited!

Before I go here are a few shots from last night:

Coasters Galore

Chit Chatin'

"Finally you come home!"

Now I’m off to explore and take some blooming spring pictures! Adios!


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