Hang ’em up, Hangers

Doesn’t it seem like no matter how many hangers you buy — it never seems to be enough? After yesterday’s shopping extravaganza I was still fairly positive I had enough hangers to do the job. I was wrong, of course. This afternoon I headed to Target to pick up another load of hangers. Something amazing happened while I was there…. I didn’t buy anything else. I came out of Target 6 buckaroos poorer and carrying a bag o’ hangers — that’s it. I didn’t buy a new CD, work out gear, snacks, or a dog toy. Nope, I did not. Nothing else. I feel like this is a major accomplishment — something I could put on my resume. It would read something like this “Additional Skills: Have the ability to go to Target and buy only what’s on my list.”

Difference between men and women

In other news: This morning I packed up and left my mom’s house. Hunter wasn’t too excited to go home. Blondie (my mom’s dog) is his absolute best friend. He goes through serious withdrawal as soon as he gets in the car and refuses to speak to me. He ignores me for at least a day and sulks under the table. Another possible explanation for this is: he’s just so stinkin’ tired from playing all weekend that he looks forward to going home and finally getting his beauty sleep. Either condition – I won’t be seeing much of him for the next 24 hours.

After I got home I ate breakfast (egg white sandwich) and had a serious cardio workout. I repeated last week’s treadmill interval training and after my cool-down, I tacked on another 5 minutes of running at a 7 mph pace to get to three miles. The whole thing took just over 30 minutes, which was pretty decent considering I had numerous 4 mph walks during the interval (+ warm up and cool down).  Then I finished up with 10 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical and a niiiice long stretch. Growing up in gymnastics and dance has led me to take flexibility for granted — hopefully I’ll be incorporating a lot more of it.

I’m heading out the door to go babysit, but here are a few weekly updates:

Books — same as last week In the Woods by Tana French

Song of the week —  Eric Church – Hell on the heart

Quote — “Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind…” Ashley Smith


2 thoughts on “Hang ’em up, Hangers

  1. I stopped at Food Lion on the way home to get soap, lettuce, toothpaste and spent $34. You must have learned that lesson on your own. Good job!

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