Can I get in too?

Some evenings after a hard workout and a long day, I like to take a bath. It relaxes not only my muscles, but my mind as well. I usually listen to calming music and read whatever book I happen to be on. I know that baths are something you either love or hate, so if you’re not a bath lover – bear with me. My baths have throughout my life been my “me time.” Lately all that has changed. “Me time” and turned into “Me and Hunter time.” This dog has a slight water obsession. As the bath is still filling up, he tries to get the water as it’s coming out of the faucet. After the bath’s full and I hop in, he continues by licking the water off my arms every time I move. I was cracking up the first few times.. but not so much anymore. I snapped a couple pictures last night before I got in…

Can I get in too?

What? I'm not doing anything wrong

Here’s a picture of Alex talking to Hunter on the phone (it’s on speaker, duh)

Are you coming home yet?

And finally (if you haven’t seen enough Hunter pictures) the sleepy pup picture of the day:

With my very best friend Walter

On to other news: I now only have one week of life pre-employment. Weird. I had some seriously sore muscles this morning and was thankful today was a cardio day. The treadmill at our complex is apparently broken, so I did a hodge-podge of machines. First, I did 20 minutes of interval training on the elliptical. Followed by 10 minutes on the bike and finishing with another 20 minutes on the elliptical. Not the best, but I got sweaty nonetheless.

For breakfast I had strawberry Greek Yogurt mixed with Trader Joe’s Triple Berry O’s. For lunch I had a repeat of last nights dinner -BBQ chicken mixed with broccoli slaw. I also had a Sugar Free Jello with CoolWhip for dessert 🙂

Yummy goodness

What are you’re weekend plans?

Tomorrow I will be heading over to my mom’s house. We’ll be going to the outlets so I can get a large amount of work clothes. I’m pretty excited! Besides that we’ll probably be doing our normal cooking and socializing. Hopefully I’ll have lots of pictures to post come Sunday.


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