Hello Sudafed It’s Been Awhile

I love spring. If you’ve been reading for the last couple weeks then you already know this. I love the brisk mornings and the warm sunny afternoons. I love the budding flowers and the green grass. (I know this may not mean much because I could think of numerous things I love about every season.) There is one small  HUGE thing I don’t like abut spring. Pollen. I have been blessed with the wonders of springtime allergies. Every spring I’m knocked on my butt for a few days as I re-adjust to life without breathing through my nose. A few products I’ve been living off of recently include nasal spray, Sudafed, Advil, and Zyrtec. It could be worse though — I could be dead.

Can't you just feel the pollen?

Here’s a few shots from last night:

What's so funny?

Loving Half Price Wine Night

After we finished up, Rachel and I hung around and watched American Idol together. This week was terrible, wasn’t it? I’m ready for it to be narrowed down to the top 3 or 4 already. Not that I can sing a note, but it’s slightly disappointing. We talked and talked until Rachel had to leave. (And yes, Alex you know exactly what we were talking about 🙂 Rachel wants to know when you’ll be calling her!) I’m really getting into my book right now — In the Woods by Tana French — check it out!
Today I had physical therapy, stopped by Trader Joes, and worked out. I’ve bumped all my weights up at PT and today during my workout I focused on strength since yesterday I mainly did cardio. My muscles are nice and shaky (isn’t that the best feeling?) I also added protein powder to my smoothie. Honestly, I’m not sure how much I’m loving it. Anything besides fruit and yogurt really complicates the art of smoothie making, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
For dinner tonight I’m crock-potting it up. BBQ chicken is on the menu. Lately I’ve just been throwing together meals when I get home (and hungry).

I can smell the BBQ already

Here’s a picture to leave you with. No day can be complete without seeing some Hunter love.

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