Sweet Sweet Sweat

This morning I decided that the last couple days of laziness needed to go away. Completely away. I didn’t want to make it a habit so I decided to have a kick butt workout today. Yesterday morning I ran before I ate anything and it didn’t really work out so well. This morning I allowed enough time to eat Oatmeal (with PB and applesauce), digest it, and then work out. I started with interval running. Here’s what it looked like:


1 4
2 4
3 6
4 6
5 7
6 8
7 4
8 8
9 4
10 9
11 4
12 6
13 6
14 7
15 6.5
16 7
17 4
18 8
19 4
20 9
21- 25 Cool Down – 4

 Man did I work up a sweat. I followed this with 20 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical and some strength training. I mainly focused on abs and arms. I was going to play with WiiFit for a bit, but after my body test and 4 or 5 yoga exercises I was ready to call it quits.

Last night as I got ready for bed I walked into the bedroom to find this:

"This is my bed Mom"

Sleepy Pup

Here’s a healthy eating tip (from realtime.net) Balance your food choices over time. Not every food has to be “perfect.” When eating a food high in fat, salt or sugar, select other foods that are low in these ingredients. If you miss out on any food group one day, make up for it the next. Your food choices over several days should fit together into a healthy pattern.

That’s all for now. The rest of the day will be filled with work clothes shopping, babysitting, and meeting up with some friends tonight.


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