As my awkward in-between college and work stage starts to come to a close, I cannot help but to think about all the changes that will soon be entering my life. I will no longer be able to do my errands when everyone else is working, work out whenever I feel most motivated, and take Hunter on numerous long walks per day. It will be harder to plan and prepare lengthy meals and I will spend a considerable amount of time per day in traffic. Even as I weigh all the downfalls that come with entering the working force, I could not be any more excited to take the plunge.

First and foremost, I will finally be getting a steady paycheck and a decent starting salary with awesome benefits (okay now I’ll stop bragging). I will begin to feel as though my expensive 4 year university degree is being put to use and I will have something to do every day. The funny thing is over the last few months I have been desperately hurrying this time along. I have hated being in social situations and having the , “So you’ve graduated — what are you doing now”  question asked. Now with two weeks of limbo left I’m starting to think, “hey this relaxing post-college vacation is pretty nice after all.”


In other news: Today is one of those spring days that makes you really appreciate the nice ones. What’s the forecast? Rain, rain, and more rain.



Yesterday I spent the day playing with my new Wii Fit Plus. Alex knew I really wanted one and searched everywhere for one. Remember how we had such a hard time finding a Wii? Well apparently the Wii Fit is even more difficult to find. Literally on the Best Buy website it says that every store from MD to California is sold out. During my birthday dinner at Bonefish, my brother (who was also at the dinner) took a “smoke break” and went over to Target. While he was there he found a WiiFit, called Alex, Alex left, bought it for me, and put it in the truck — all without me knowing. I was so excited and surprised to get in the truck after dinner and find it waiting on my seat!

This morning I got a big package from my new job. It has all the information about selecting my health insurance, 401(k) info, code of ethics, paperwork for me to fill out, and info about my first few days. I’ve spent the day trying to figure out finances. How much money will I get for each pay period? How much should I put away? What will I have left over after bills? You know… fun and exciting stuff.

More from me later (with my weekly updates)

One thought on “Limbo

  1. Yes, high school life is far more different than professional life. In professional life we have behave like more mature and responsible human being. We have to achieve dead lines, targets for our work. Many times we get irritate to follow hectic life style, but believe me when you see your first salary check you feel all other things worth on it. While job you have gather so many different experiences which is useful for the rest of life span.

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