What a Difference a Day Makes (+randoms)

Yesterday was a rainy, chilly almost-spring day. When I woke up it was still very cloudy and cold, but after a few hours — you would think months have passed. It’s an absolutely beautiful day. It’s one of those days that you cannot help but to smile when you walk outside. Last night as I walked to the gym in the apartment complex, I was holding an umbrella and my tennis shoes as I sported my fancy rain boots. Today I changed my workout plan completely and took Hunter for a 2.5 mile run (without a jacket!). If you’re lucky enough to be from a year-round vacation destination then you have no idea how great it feels after a long winter. Flower buds are starting to pop up and you can drive with your windows down. Ahhhh. Bliss. (Alex says I get excited about the little stuff in life — do you agree?)

I can't wait for this!

As for food — I really haven’t given a breakdown of my meals for a couple days. Let’s see if I can remember yesterday — I had breakfast on the go – consisting of a banana and a 100 calorie Kraft cheese pack. For lunch I had a ham, turkey, and spinach sandwich on a Sandwich Thin, a hard boiled egg, and an orange. For a snack I had carrots and caramel Rice Crisps. For dinner — I had breakfast. I had a Chobani Greek Yogurt (Vanilla Non-fat) with a drizzle of honey, granola, and blueberries. Today I had oatmeal with applesauce, blueberries, and cinnamon for breakfast. And the same lunch as yesterday 🙂 It was tassssty!

Another thing I have been known to do from time to time is to do a little reminiscing. Lately while Alex has been away, I find myself constantly thinking about things we’ve done in the past. I keep asking him — “remember the time we found those baby frogs on our walk…” or “remember the first night we brought Hunter home..” His response is usually, “yes babe, feeling a little nostalgic again?” For some reason I think it’s vitally important to bring yourself back to those moments that helped shape your relationship.

Sort of on the same page as this, there’s been something I’ve been thinking about for some time now. I’ve been thinking back to when I was a kid, then in high school, then at FSU, and finally at Maryland. I would not be where I am today without the help of some good friends along the way. Although at times I would, without a doubt, calling these people my best friends, something happened along the way and they no longer hold that title. In some instances, something happened – whether it was a fight or something completely unrelated. And in other instances, we simply drifted apart. What I keep coming back to is that I can no longer even remember what those friendship-ending fights were about. I’ve pondered sending these individuals an email, a letter, or even just a facebook message. I’d really like them to know I’ve been thinking about them, I’m sorry, and I hope they’re doing well. I haven’t gotten the courage up yet though. I guess I’m afraid they’ll think I’m crazy or even still be mad at me. Hopefully soon I’ll finally have the nerve. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon my blog and happen to be one of these people – if so, hopefully you hear from me soon. If you find yourself drifting from a close friend, call them, invite them to dinner – something. If you don’t, believe me, you’ll regret it later.

In a happy conclusion — Alex comes home tomorrow 🙂

Here’s one of our first few pictures together — for reminiscing sake!



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