Good things are a-comin’!

This week:

PostSecret of the week will come later in the week… Since Alex will be home in a couple days, I’m going to wait for him to look at them.

Check out this video if you’ve never seen it:

Still reading the same book — gods in Alabama

Food of the week: Tart Frozen Yogurt

Try it, now.

Song(s) of the week: I’m Still a Guy by Brad Paisley AND I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes by Dierks Bentley

Things to look forward to — Alex gets home Wednesday, my birthday is Saturday, maybe this will be the week for a job offer (fingers crossed), and today is the last day calling for rain 🙂

Blog: Noble Pig

OH and for all you Twilight fans — (don’t be ashamed) New Moon comes out on Saturday (my birthday — coincidence? I think not)

Check out the Eclipse trailer — in theaters 6.30.10


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