Weekend Festivities

I hope you all had a great weekend! Sorry I didn’t post anything sooner.

Saturday morning I ran out to Target. I needed dog food and I also bought Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred and some birthday cards for this month. I had an extremely hard time getting the 40 pound bag of dog food out of my trunk and up to the apartment with a hurt back. After I put Hunter’s food away and packed up a few things, I headed to my mom’s house for the weekend. We picked out a recipe for dinner and went to the grocery store to pick up what we needed. After we got home, we started cleaning out our guest room. My mom’s thinking about putting her house on the market so we have lot of cleaning out to do. We found some real gems in the process.

Cleaning out old boxes

JoHutch came over and spent the evening with us. We made an amazing dinner consisting of salmon, roasted red potatoes, and a salad full of veggies. I’ll post the recipes separately with pictures. For an appetizer we also had a caprese salad.

Salad Veggies

After we cleaned up dinner, we drank some wine and chatted. Later we watched Robin William’s latest comedy special. We were actually at the live show when they were recording for the HBO special. None of us had any idea they were filming for HBO, so it was pretty neat to see the show on  TV a few month later.

Sunday morning we made a fabulous breakfast of french toast, bacon, and a fresh fruit salad. I’ve really perfected my french toast recipe and this time even used french bread. YUM. Tip: to make French Toast even better add Nutmeg, and ground cloves to your cinnamon mixture. If you add a sprinkle of sugar it’s even better!

French Toast!

After JoHutch left, my mom and I tried out 30 Day Shred. I loooved it! I’m really enjoying how she plans her work outs. Each work out consists of three 6-minute mini work outs (not including warm up and cool down). Each mini work out has 3 minutes of strength training, followed by 2 minutes of cardio, and finally 1 minute of abs. After the third mini work out — you are beat!

Later on, we went to a friend’s Silpada party. We’ve gone to so many lately I’m having a hard time picking out things that I want/”need”. This time I ordered a pair of earrings and a ring. I’m excited for it to get here! After the party we watched the USA/Canada final hockey game. It stinks we lost in overtime – but hey, there’s no shame in a silver medal.

Since my mom is planning on moving I’ve been bringing a lot more of my stuff over to the apartment. My car was full of stuff to bring home. Once I got home I decided to take a few trips to bring it all upstairs. Unfortunately, I should have spread everything out more and taken more trips. I had so much stuff in my hands that I dropped some stuff. When I bent over to pick it up — I forgot I already had my bags on my shoulder. With a hurt back it’s hard to bend over and pick up garbage, let alone pick up boxes when you have extra weight on your back. I felt like I literally snapped a bunch of vertebrae. I left my stuff sitting in the grass/snow/sludge and brought what I had into the apartment. As I was bawling I took numerous extra trips.

Thankfully Alex got home almost right after this happened and nursed me back to health. He finally got me to calm down and after a few hours my muscles stopped spasming. Now the pain is mainly when I move rather than constantly. I called the doctors’ office to try to get my appointment moved earlier, but no such luck. I’ll be taking it easy till Thursday and have been advised not to exercise before then. Wah Wah.

Posts with recipes & pictures to come


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