This afternoon I tried (for the first time) a Jillian Michaels’ video. Let me just say – my arms have turned into rubber. I loved it. I was so excited after I finished it that I’ve been looking up all of her videos for me to go run out and buy. I’ve tried other home videos in the past, but I’ve never felt like I was tired after I finished them. This was different! I could feel my heart pounding and my muscles burn at the same time. I just loved how she combined exercises together. I’m thinking about getting 30 Day Shred first. It seems to have gotten the highest reviews. BUT since we just got our Wii, once I get WiiFit I can get Jillian Michaels’ Wii videos that use the Balance Board. However, I’ve been reading a lot of complaints about it so it will need more research before I make my decision.

After I finished cooling down, drank some water, and popped a few Planter’s Nut-rition Energy Mix, I sat down to hunt for my new DVDs. Right then I leaned forward to grab my water bottle and bam I got a horrible sharp pain in my lower back. For at least a month I’ve been having some lower back problems but they have been pretty intermittent – that is up until a week or two ago. Now it seems like whenever I bend forward (to pick up Hunter’s toys, grab his food/water dish, and various other things) I get these terrible pains in my lower back. I’ve holding out, assuming that my back will heal itself, but now I’m figuring that isn’t going to happen. I called and made an appointment to see a back-specialist, but my appointment isn’t until next Thursday. I’m a little bummed out since every time I work out I really have to nurse my back or just skip certain things all together. Do you have any lower pain remedies??

This morning I slept in a later than I wanted. I’ve never been a person to be able to eat my breakfast as soon as I wake up, so I ended up having Brunch instead. I made a two egg-white and one full egg omelet with sauted onions, mushrooms, and left over chicken sausage from last night (and some melted cheese). I also had a left over potato cake from the other day. It tasted delicious and kept me full for a long time.

Onions, Mushrooms, and Chicken Sausage

May not be pretty-but it's tasty

I took Hunter for a car ride to pick up some pictures I had printed at Walgreen’s. He would never pass up a car ride and gets excited just by hearing keys jingling.

I had some help from a friend from high school with a job reference, and put in my application at her company. I’ll keep you posted. Also, a few days ago I sent in a creative writing sample to an internet site to become a How-to writer. I thought it would be a good way to make some extra money as I hunt for a full time job. Today I got my first assignment and I will be writing “How to lose weight by walking your dog.” Isn’t that an exciting topic? I’m pretty happy about it and started brainstorming. I’ve got a week to perfect it. After I’ve finished I’ll post a link to the published version. Wish me luck!


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