Moving Slowly

It took me a little longer to get to my work out today. My mom stopped by for a couple hours to hang with her granddog (and me too, I guess). Mainly though she has been so excited since I told her about Hunter’s video incident (in case you’re new — he recognized her voice on a video and went nuts). So anyways, she came over and we had lunch together.

Hi Hi Hi!!

For lunch I ate an English Muffin sandwich with turkey, Laughing Cow cheese, chili powder, and a tid bit of mayo. I also ate a pickle, pineapple, and a couple pretzel crisps to finish off my Laughing Cow wedge. I’m a big fan of drinking Crystal Light during the day. Specifically I like the Strawberry, Orange, Banana flavor. All of the other flavors I’ve tried have give me a stomach ache – weird I know.

As I mentioned earlier, my legs are reeeally sore from my Valslide work out yesterday. They aren’t too bad while I’m moving around, but once I sit still for awhile — they are a-killin’ me! I decided I should loosen them up and went for a run. I took Hunter with me (he loves to run outside). We ran about a little more than 1.75 miles. It was very, very, very cold today – and I wore my thermal pants under my normal running clothes. When I was finished I did 1 Valslide leg exercise [Curtsey squats]  (different muscles than yesterday), 1 Valside stomach exercise [plank with arm slide], sit-ups, and bicycles.

After I finished babysitting I came home and played with the pouch. We danced around the living room listening to Ingrid Michaelson. For dinner I cooked some Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage (found at Giant), pasta, and broccoli (steamed with cheese, yum). And — MILK. I’m a big fan of milk and drink some every day.

Still full

After dinner I took a bath to relax my muscles. Tip: Put Neutrogena Body Oil into your baths. It smells great – and it moisturizes your skin while you’re in the bath. Imagine that! Water not drying your skin out but rather moisturizing it. It’s fantastic. Really. Give it a whirl. Definitely an A+ buy. I use it after every shower as well. (Thanks JoHutch)

Now I’m watching the Olympics and feeling sad that they will be over soon. I’m going to finish my book and call it a night 🙂

My favorite picture of one of our recent buys:

Love these

We’re collecting them. Find them here.



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