Big Night

Last night after I finished babysitting, Alex and I headed out to Happy Hour. We always have a great time socializing with our normal Wednesday gang. We talked about Olympics, crazy Hunter stories, car recalls, Alex’s job — among many other things. I brought my camera to snap some shots.

Something's funny

Me and Alex

After we got home, Alex finished packing for his trip. We hung out with Hunter and of course watched some Olympics.

Making a mess of our bedroom

What'cha doing?

Remember how I told you that Maryland was sold out of Wiis. Yesterday when I got home I had a surprise waiting for me. Alex found one! He didn’t even tell me he was getting it. It’s an early birthday present for me — and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t even notice the stealth white box that was propped up next to the TV. After about 10 minutes Alex had to say, “Why don’t you turn the TV on?”  So I went over and as soon as I saw it sitting there I screamed! When Alex finished packing we played some Wii sports. Surprisingly I was really good! I beat Alex in bowling by 30 points!! We made our characters and we had some serious fun. Next all I need is the actual WiiFit game and I’ll be all set. Now if only I could find an extra $100 laying around.

This morning we woke up early to spend some time together before Alex had to leave. We were planning to have sausage and biscuits, but since we’re both trying to be healthier (especially after last night’s nachos)  we settled on a banana smoothie and an english muffin. It was yummy! Hunter licked our glasses clean once we were finished. He loves bananas, as you could see from yesterday’s picture.

Today I’m going to work out (even though my legs are burning from yesterday’s Valslide exercises!) I’m going to continue my job search and babysit this afternoon. I’ll probably spend a lot of time reading since Alex left. And I’ll spend some time perfecting my Wii and Playstation skills.

More from me later — Have a great day!


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