Another Wonderful Day

Last night Alex and I went grocery shopping. We normally do most of our shopping at Costco or Sam’s Club and freeze a lot of it. It saves us a ton of money and lasts much longer. Unfortunately you cannot purchase everything you need in bulk. Either they simply don’t make and/or carry the items or you could not possibly eat it all before it goes bad. An example of this could be… flour. Although they do sell flour at Costco, it comes in a 50 lb bag. Since I don’t own a bakery (although that would be my dream job) that seems a little overkill.

After we got home we were both pretty hungry and tired. We decided to make something quick that doesn’t require much cooking. We made tortillini with marinara. Yesterday I found a recipe for Potato Cakes. I had never had them before and decided to give it a try. They require leftover (or fresh) mashed potatoes. Here’s the recipe:

2 cups leftover mashed potatoes
1/4 cup flour, or possibly more or less, depending on the moisture content of your taters
salt and pepper, to taste
other seasonings, as desired
oil, butter, or some combination thereof

Heat a skillet to medium-high heat and add a proper dose of fat.
Add the flour, salt, pepper, and other seasonings into the mashed potatoes and incorporate well. Form patties a bit smaller than the size of hockey pucks and let them sit for a few minutes to set up. Gently place the cakes into the hot skillet and let them fry until brown. Carefully flip the patties and then extract them when the other side has browned.

My first try

Next time we make these we’re going to try adding some cheddar cheese. yum.

After we finished eating and cleaning up, we watched some Olympics and played with the Bub (one of Hunter’s many nicknames, shortened from Bubba). Nothing fancy, just a nice relaxing (cuddly) evening.

This morning I had my new favorite breakfast. Whole Wheat English Muffin with crunchy peanut butter and a cut up banana on top. I also had a yogurt and my morning coffee.

Yum Yum

I gave Hunter a piece of the left over banana — think he liked it?

Hunter licking his chops

After breakfast I worked out. I did circuit training with the elliptical, running, and incline walking. In between each I did a set of strength training. Right now I’m a really big fan of Valslide. They’re these little slide-y things that you can put under your feet &/or hands. They come with a book of tons of different exercises and workout plans. They definitely kick my butt – I highly recommend them. When I got back to the apartment, my wonderful dog left this for me to clean up.

Thanks Hunter!

He clearly got a workout as well.. He took a nap as soon as I got my shoes off.

Shoes - my favorite thing!

Alex leaves again tomorrow for another work trip. He’ll be back on Monday and (thankfully) will be able to have his phone with him. Five days apart is nothing compared to the last trip. He was trying to fly home the day of the blizzard. His two-week trip turned into over a 2 1/2 week trip. The next few days I’m going to be babysitting a lot. During the semester I started babysitting to get some extra money, and now I’ll still be babysitting till I have a full-time job (which will hopefully be soon). The family has three girls ages 9-13. They are really well-behaved and unbelievably sweet.

For lunch I had Roasted Red Pepper soup, a piece of garlic bread, and some pickles. The soup is delicious and you can find it (in bulk) at Sam’s Club or individually at Trader Joe’s. I usually add spices to store-bought soups. Today I added basil, ground pepper, and ground red pepper. The red pepper really gave it a kick. I love Parmesan cheese in the soup, and today I also added a little sour cream. Since the soup was much spicier than normal – the sour cream was a good addition. The garlic bread we got at Costco. It has roasted garlic baked inside the bread. It’s delicious. It comes in a two-pack and we freeze one until we’re ready to eat it.

Lunch time


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