Latest Adventures

After much deliberation we finally bought a Playstation 3. We got a Blu-Ray player for Christmas from my brother Chris, but it wasn’t able to play Netflix on the TV. Alex and I really aren’t into playing games, especially not video games but the system had the most features for the price. After a couple days we decided that there was probably a game out there somewhere that we both would enjoy. So we took another trip to Best Buy to find a game. We ended up buying the Vancouver Olympics game. We came home and played it immediately. I, of course, SUCK. Alex can actually play pretty well.. and after five minutes said, “OH we should NOT have bought this.” He was hooked.

Another hilarious comment: I’m not sure how many of you remember what happened to US Olympian Lindsey Jacobellis in 2006 – well she fell at the very end of the race because she was showing off – and it cost her the gold. WELL – while Alex was playing the VIDEO GAME, a similar situation occurred and he says (in all seriousness) “Now I know how that girl feels.” .. Because obviously working hard to be good at a video game Olympics is the same level as the actual Olympics. Way to go. Here’s a picture of him obsessing.

"Don't bother me"

We are also thinking about getting a Wii. Again, we’re not really game people but we really want Wii Fit. We drove around to at least five different stores, all of whom were sold out. We starting calling around – well it turns out that the entire state of Maryland is sold out of Wiis. Neither of us knew that they were such a hot commodity. Now, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make it our mission. All of the sudden, we NEED one – when before we only kind of wanted one. Funny how scarcity makes you want something more.

Funny Hunter story:

Today as I started to set up my blog, I uploaded some pictures and videos onto my computer. I was playing the videos when Hunter started to go crazy. I realized that on the video my mom was talking to Hunter. Well, he thought she was here. He ran over the door and ran back. When it dawned on him she wasn’t here – he started whining and whining. He jumped up onto the couch (which he’s not allowed on) and started licking my computer screen. I wish I had a video of him going crazy over the other video. It was too funny.

The video I was watching was pretty funny anyways. Last Friday Hunter stuck his head in the fireplace (don’t worry there wasn’t a fire in it) and was covered in black coal. Later that day he needed a bath, which is always fun. He doesn’t necessarily love baths, but after he gets out — he runs around the apartment like a mad dog. I recently got a flip camcorder so I’ve been recording things to put a movie together. Anyways, here’s the original video of him post-bath. (The same video that he freaked out about this morning).


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